"Looking through the extraordinary collection of submissions, we can only think that in a time where we need resilience and strength, thank goodness the creative spirit is there to be our Muse. This is a summer show, after not only a pandemic, but also the questioning and holding to account of our society and its attitudes to race. On top of that, there are dire warnings about both the economy and the environment. The artist is now more than ever vital in the role of emissary, their work will not be untouched by these circumstances and the selection of this show exists within this reality. 

The artists’ work on show mirror these concerns with exuberant and purposeful statements, whilst questioning the world around us. Some of the works are very small and these pieces have been placed together - a collection of curiosities by different hands. The intimacy of the table; simple, humble, without pretence. Perhaps this is our new reality, naked, stripped bare but we remain resolutely hopeful, and that hope is borne from the power of art to challenge and cajole, or maybe midwife clear blue sky thinking. Art will provide nourishment to our bruised souls."

- Nicky & Robert Wilson


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Exhibiting artists: Madi Acharya-Baskerville, Jane Ackroyd, Kari Anne Bahri, Helen Barff, Lucy Barlow, Julie Brixey-Williams, Denise Bryan, Ros Burgin, Clare Burnett, Fiona Campbell, Alex Davies, Lynn Dennison, Emma Elliott, Jill Gibson, Elena Gileva, Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva, Heywood and Condie, Linda Hubbard, Terry Jones, Millie Laing-Tate, Rosie Leventon, Jane Morgan, Gudrun Nielsen, Susie Olczak, Sam Shendi, Lisa Snook, Amy Stephens, Karen Tang, Julia Vogl and Caro Williams.

On the Sculpture Terrace: Echo Peel by Caroline Achaintre

The artist Caroline Achaintre created Echo Peel, her first outdoor sculpture, for her solo show at the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop last year. The French-born artist, who is based in London, describes her work as: “fragile but also a protective layer. It reminds me of another type of outer layer where you change by putting it on. The two holes could be seen as eyes to see through or to see in to.”

Echo Peel gained extra meaning during lockdown, as we adjusted to wearing face masks and coverings in our daily lives.

With thanks to Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and Arcade.




Please see below for gallery images of Echo Peel and the 2020 Summer Show, curated by guest judges Nicky and Robert Wilson, founders and directors of the Jupiter Artland Foundation. Image credits Jennifer Moyes.

Echo Peel by Caroline Achaintre