Scary sculpted eyeballs

This project shows you how to create spooky Halloween eyeballs using ping pong balls, tissue and paint. This fun transformational challenge is suitable for all ages.

To help you get started, you might find it helpful to draw, paint or collect images of eyes or eyeballs. If working with younger...


Wild Life Drawing: Owls

Join Wild Life Drawing to celebrate this year’s Big Draw Festival with a day of meeting and sketching owls!

In line with this year’s festival theme, Make the Change, we’ll be using drawing to understand owls and learning how we can help to protect the habitats these birds call home. The class...


Stephen Turner’s Exbury Egg

As part of Art for your World Stephen will share his experience of 2012-21 with the ‘lean and green’ Exbury Egg and his life as its eggman.

Treading lightly on the land in an increasingly urban unsustainable 21st century, Stephen will explore our troubled relationship with the natural world and...


Our ambition is to be a leading centre for sculpture and 3D art. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our historic home in South Kensington, Dora House, to experience a diverse range of contemporary work through original exhibitions, artists' talks and creative workshops.