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Jill has worked for several years expanding the techniques and methods employed to incorporate a wide range of materials and construction methods into her practice. More recently she has been incorporating naturally occurring material, wax, dye, mineral, shell, coal, sand and microbial as a material into the work, moving towards a more sustainable way of production.

Originally from Sheffield, an industrial town in the North of England, Gibson studied her BA (Hons.) degree course at Glasgow School of Art, Scotland and an MFA in Sunderland, England with Distinctions in both. She was invited to become a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors in 2018 and was awarded the Henry Moore Foundation Research Grant to facilitate her visit to CAST and has previously exhibited work at the London Frieze, the Venice Biennale and has participated in the Future Feminist Archive Project, Sydney, Australia.
More recently (summer 2023), She was invited to participate in Vign Art, an outdoor sculptural exhibition in the Champagne region, France, the expansive work - a collaborative piece, was sited in Epernay in the grounds of Domain Gosset and was inspired by a woman named Babette Clicquot, who revolutionised the champagne industry in France with her invention of Le Reumage.

Other notable projects include the following:
A research project, conducted at the University of Manitoba – UoM, in the Department of Architecture in November 2022 and was facilitated by a research grant from the Henry Moore Foundation (UK), C.A.S.T and the Sustainability in Action Faculty, SiAF, UoM.
In 2018 Jill was invited to create and install several commissioned works shown at Cheeseburn Sculpture Park, Stamfordham, Northumberland. She was invited again in 2019 and have participated in several larger exhibitions including the Contextile Biennale - 2022, Guimaraes, Portugal, Cotswolds Sculpture Park, Cotswolds, UK - 2019, Sculpture in The Vineyard - Wollombi Village, Lower Hunter Valley NSW, Australia in 2016 and 'Taking Up Space' - Future Feminist Archive - New South Wales, Australia in 2015.