Architectural / Monumental / Relief

Digital / Light / Sound

Installation / Land / Site-specific



Found Objects

Metal (other)

Mixed media




South East


Using techniques that are hard to control or leaving time and natural elements to shape and form a sculpture, I feel I can remove myself from a conscious thought process behind making marks, shape and form, making decisions on what is in front of me and the feeling it evokes. These processes have been documented using photography, film or by making permanent sculpture bronze and steel.

Since leaving art college in the early 90's I have been involved in making sculpture and other objects in metal, mostly bronze and steel. As well as my own work, I have worked with other artists and designers, from small gallery pieces to over 5 ton bronze monumental work.

Early in my working life I ran my own blacksmith business (Red Forge), this lead to a partnership with an art foundry. I have also been the foundry manager of the Morris Singer Foundry, leaving there in 2008 to set up my own fine art foundry – Milwyn Casting.