Figurative / Realism

Installation / Land / Site-specific






Found Objects


Mixed media




Snook studied at Chelsea College of Arts and Goldsmiths College. Shortly after graduating her work was selected for a prominent London exhibition at the Lost In Space gallery,  where her work was notably reviewed in The Independent on Sunday. 

Since then her work has been shown nationally and internationally, is held in a number of private collections and has been reviewed in a wide range of publications,  including Culture24 and most recently in the Financial Times where she was described as, 'weaving philosophical notions of memento mori into her work'.

In 2014 Snook trained to become an art psychotherapist and received her Masters in 2018.  This has deepened her capacity to implement psychoanalytic thought into her making process and in recent years has led her work in the direction of examining the relationship between psychological states of mind  and their expression in the human body.  

In 2023 her work The Limits of Anguish won the prestigious 10.000 euro FBZ art award in Germany.

Her sculptures exhibit a visceral quality that speak of the binary connections between trauma and memory, love and loss, ritual and remembrance.  
Whether through the haptic exploration of clay to reveal the body in flux, caught between gestural expression and figural form, or from the collaging of found objects and cast body parts.  Snook says of her work,
'I aim to make something of beauty with an underbelly of darkness, knowing that nothing remains the same.'