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Manuel Munoz G.G. MRSS

‘Identity is always in motion: it is always coming into-being in a never-ending process of becoming, which has the result of its formation through resistance, modification and difference’. Deleuze
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Born in Mexico City in 1982. He grew up in a family of artists, architects and designers, so from an early age he began making art. Manuel studied at Chelsea College of Arts and Design in London where he graduated with honours from a BA in Fine Arts. Shortly after graduating he became the first Mexican member of RBS (Royal British Society of Sculptors). After many years of living in Britain he returned to Mexico, to run a project of monumental sculptures in the Sonoran Desert. The project continues and Manuel is currently living in Mexico City.
Sculpture is a medium I choose to use because it exists in space and time. My intention is to stress the vital role of physical engagement in our aesthetic encounters, emphasising what must be experienced rather than merely seen. Made out of sturdy, manmade, industrial materials with smooth surfaces, my steel sculptures are connected with lines that ‘cut’ the space by being pulled towards a point, cresting smaller and intangible ‘inner’ spaces.