Architectural / Monumental / Relief


Installation / Land / Site-specific



Metal (other)

Mixed media





Olga Golos is a Russian-born sculptor currently based in Munich, Germany. With a Diploma (2010) from the Metalwork Department of Saint Petersburg State Academy of Art and Design, she moved to Munich to study Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts, graduating in 2017. She has since completed projects at residencies in Austria, Korea and the USA.

Her work is mainly focused on sculpture and installations often in reference to boundary and transition experiences, including the border of human-shaped and natural landscape. Golos is interested in what constitutes personality - how a person can simultaneously be an individual and part of a collective. In her practice she explores how multitude and individuality amplify each other by developing installations made from similar structures with manifold distinct forms. Her portfolio is the result of mastering, adapting and serializing technical production processes. Although touching on topics like sensitivity or vulnerability, Golos often employs heavy materials like steel that require physically demanding processes to be shaped.