Our Sculptors

Kostas Synodis MRSS

Mixed media
Much of my practice is devoted to exploring the palpable language of materials; the objects that I am using are selected, cast or manufactured with that in mind.

While I use a variety of materials and processes, at the moment my methodology is consistent. There are medium similarities between my different projects, linking all my sculptures through recurring formal concerns and overall subject matter. I am keen to extend our expectations of materials that we think we know the limitations of.

Illusion plays an important role in the work. It is used as a tool to distort the works’ form and create visual anomaly, while humour and my processes in the studio are used to change the objects’ norms. Through these disruptions, the work aims to focus on the relationships between people and things, figures and experience. Often, I take advantage of a “one liner” aspect in order to speak directly and clearly to the viewer.

Most of the works presented here were made using a technique I developed over the years in order to examine the nature of new and industrial materials. I created objects that are rusted with forms that seem to bend with the suppleness of rubber or foam but in reality were made by hard resin. At the same time, possibly because of my cultural background, I am fascinated by antiquity- museum aesthetics and I am seeking ways to place it within our contemporary context.