Our Sculptors

Karl Chilcott MRSS

Karl Chilcott graduated as a PhD. based on five years of university studies in history, philosophy & culture, studio at the Swedish West Coast. Exhibitions & art projects in Scandinavia, Canada, Ireland, UK, Iceland, Spain, France, Suisse, Germany, Chile, Australia & NZL .
Found Objects

Art may be a game - but it is a serious one.” Caspar David Friedrich

Celebrating Nature in a unique Nordic way is Karls concept and life style. He loves and chose The North with snow and ice, dark seasons and midsummer lights, people feeling for Nature and in the same time longing for places fare away. His studios are landscapes out of time where he in “Essential loneliness” (M. Blanchot) can become a part of a place and a natural art process. Art walking into Nature he is feeling as a discoverer and artist. 

Creating and sculpting he feel physical & philosophical http://www.ileart-sculptures.com/karlchilcott.html.

He want his art works to contribute to a reconciliation between mankind and nature - teaching art & ecology for children and students in Sweden, Switzerland, France, Norway & Australia by running a TreeAcademy based on ecological materials, ideas and methods.

Percipi Arte Library N° 1 - 9

2013 The Last Stop, ISBN: 978-91-980768-0-6; Choice of Direction, (catalogue) ISBN: 978-91-980768-1-3

2014 Catalan Earth, ISBN: 978-91-980768-2-0; Jardarteikn ISBN: 978-91-980768-3-7;

2015 The New Found Land ISBN: 978-91-980768-4-1; Dream Land ISBN: 978-91-980768-5-1;

2016 Floating Rocks ISBN 978-91-980768-6-8; 2018 Highlands 978-91-980768-7-5;

Lava Poetry I Impact - ISBN 978-91-980768-8-2; Lava Poetry II Flow - ISBN 978-91-980768-9-9