Our Sculptors

Doug Burton MRSS

The interconnections of matter, capturing the world around us as a moment suspended in time, lies at the core of my material investigations. The found impression – trace – print becomes part of my process of making, using sculpture and drawing, both physical and digital to build a connected visual language.
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Digital / Light / Sound
Found Objects
Mixed media
South West

Working as both a multidisciplinary artist and educator has given me the opportunity to evolve my practice and understanding of contemporary sculpture. I make my work from my studio on the North Devon coast, exploring this place, its geomorphology and history, continues to influence my ideas. My role as programme leader for BA (Hons) Creative Arts at the Open College of the Arts, the distance learning arm of the University for the Creative Arts, has given me the opportunity to further my research and understanding of contemporary sculpture as part of an expanded field.

Extending from my postgraduate studies at the Royal Academy Schools, my work responds to Manuel De Landa's text 'A thousand years of nonlinear history’which encompasses my interest in the way structures evolve, divide and stratify, opening a continuum that places us within the time/matter stream.