Big Draw 2018 - Feel the force

Build, balance and create your own colourful sculptures using magnets and cardboard in this free family workshop.

Have you ever created art with magnets? Have you ever made a sculpture that you can re-make over and over again? Join us at the Royal Society of Sculptors to draw, cut and magnetise to...


Big Draw 2018 - Wildlife Drawing

A drawing class with a difference, observing and drawing real animals live in the gallery. You will be sketching these clever critters as you learn how they show joy and use play to form and strengthen social bonds and to communicate.

We will be observing and sketching a 'business' of ferrets and...


Big Draw 2018 - Drawing in Three Dimensions

Join designer Grace du Prez and learn how to use a 3D printing pen to draw sculptures in mid-air.

Combining all the excitement and innovation of new technology with the care and love of something handmade, you will learn how to use a 3D Printing Pen to create amazing 3D drawings. A 3D printing pen...


Our ambition is to be a leading centre for sculpture and 3D art. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our historic home in South Kensington, Dora House, to experience a diverse range of contemporary work through original exhibitions, artists' talks and creative workshops.