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Royal Society of Sculptors, 108 Old Brompton Road, Dora House, London SW7 3RA

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The Design Education Trust presents the Award winners of its student INTERPLAY Kinetic Design Competition at the Royal Society of Sculptors, London.

Everyone is invited to engage with ‘avantgarde’ kinetic proposals at the INTERPLAY EXHIBITION aimed to influence the future design of everyday things.


Tuesday 5th, Wednesday 6th, Friday 8th December 11 – 17hrs

Saturday 9th December 10 – 13hrs


Cyber Physical System Guided Tour: Friday 8th December (4pm- 5pm)

Drop-in Family Workshop: Saturday 9th December (10:30 – 12:30hrs)


As technological possibilities advance, are our Educational Institutions keeping up with the pace of change? The Design Education Trust is a small charity championing young creative practitioners to develop their potential. As part of their charitable activity this year, it organised an INTERPLAY Award, a competition encouraging students enrolled on UK Higher Education to propose elegant and playful motion designs. The Award took place through an Open Call, where students from Sculpture, Design, Architecture, Fine Arts and Fashion were invited to submit applications. The competition jury comprised Jason Bruges of Jason Bruges Studios, Dianne Harris of Kinetica Museum, David Worthington of the Royal Society of Sculptors, and Alec Robertson with Rosemarie Fordham from the Charity. At the INTERPLAY EXHIBITION a range of projects are exhibited. Whether it is speculative design imagining new possibilities for lighting, canalising emotions through AI, using new technologies to connect differently with our senses, reimagining the way we relate with everyday objects or produce energy, or even a biomimicry to help us understanding better our natural environment; if you are the kind of person who is curious to explore the possibilities of elegant movement, this exhibition must be included on your ‘bucket list’ of exhibitions to visit in London this December.

Members of the public are welcomed to explore and celebrate creative endeavours of the exhibitors during the INTERPLAY EXHIBITION. Firstly you will encounter a selection of experimental kinetic objects from ‘Cyber Physical Systems’; a workshop of the joint programmes at Imperial College and the Royal College of Art of Innovation Design Engineering and Global Innovation Design. These pieces selected use Arduino computers and Ai software to experiment with kinetic technologies that translate human behaviour into robotic motion. Then you will find fourteen projects that have been selected as the best Entries to our initial INTERPLAY Competition. Eight of the proposals were awarded £1000 in a Round 1 to develop their project ideas further in a Round 2. One of these eight projects will be announced as overall winner during the exhibition and receive an £8000 commission to develop their prototype further. The other six proposals exhibited each received Commendation Awards due to their excellence in offering new solutions for sonic, haptic, olfactory, morph, blue-sky and tech kinetic designs.