At the Royal Society of Sculptors, we are committed to exploring and improving our approach to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI).

To drive forward change, in 2021 the Society appointed Nicola Anthony MRSS as Board champion for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), a position she held until 2023, and started to work with Alex Marshall at Spot the Gap, thanks to a grant from the Association of Independent Museums. 

In 2023 Board member Jane Reeves was appointed as the new EDI champion.

We launched our EDI activity in 2021 when Alex undertook a diversity survey of staff, trustees and volunteers. She also reviewed the staff handbook and worked with trustees to better understand the organisation’s diversity blind spots and to identify improvements. Thanks to a recommendations report, the Society is now working towards short and long term goals, which extend across both our internal and external working practices. 

The Society has adopted a proactive approach in committing to the following processes and progressing with the implementation of  targeted, structured actions, including: 

  • publishing our EDI policy; 
  • identifying a Trustee champion who is leading the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy;
  • encouraging, promoting and celebrating diversity in all our activities;
  • ensuring that communication imagery and graphics are inclusive, and reflect and reinforce the words within the documentation;
  • ensuring that mainstream business communications reinforce the inclusive messages and become mainstreamed into day-to-day processes;
  • confronting and challenging discrimination where and whenever it arises whether it be between colleagues or in any other area relating to the Society’s work; and
  • working through an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion action plan.

Read our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy


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