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Forbidden Zone


no format Gallery , Studio NF01 Casting House, Moulding Lane , Deptford SE146BN

FORBIDDEN ZONE: Le Guo and Jonathan Roson

no format Gallery, Casting House, Moulding Lane SE14 6BN
Preview: Thursday 6th June, 6-8pm
Exhibition: Friday 7th to Sunday 16th June 2019, 12-6pm (closed Monday)

The paintings of Le Guo and the sculptures of Jonathan Roson are products of organic geometrical processes which depend not only on the different modes of sensory perception of their bodies of unambiguous (i.e. explicit and literal) and ambiguous (i.e. implicit and metaphorical) processes and events taking place in their multisensory perceptions of the sensible world; but also on the individual (mental and bodily sensory) and collective (cultural) memory-images they derive from both these different modes of perception and their diasporic experiences. The processes of production of such a mythopoetic artwork may be conceived in terms of life-cycles in which the geometrical figures of the organic shapes and forms of an ‘artificial life’ that was previously unknown – and therefore ‘alien’ – to the artist become known, only to become partially/totally unknown to him again as these figures are partially/totally replaced by other geometrical figures which were previously unknown to him. Le Guo and Jonathan Roson use their artworks to explore the unstable boundary distinctions between the human ‘subjective self’ and the non-human ‘objective other’ materials of Nature with which they conjointly produce these
artworks. A viewer of such an artwork may experience both an enhanced/impaired distinction between his/her ‘self’ and the profane/sacred ‘other’ figures in a (sub)liminal ‘zone’ of perception that was previously forbidden to him/her; and a dynamic balance between the unstable states of ‘discordant harmony’ and ‘harmonious discord’ in this artwork that encourage this viewer to attribute mysterious, enigmatic and unfixed meanings to it (text © Stephen Baycroft).

Le Guo (www.leguo.co.uk) was born in China. He trained at the Fine Art Department of the Northwest Normal University in China, graduating with a BA in Fine Art. Since 1990 Le Guo has been living and working in the UK and China, receiving an MA in Fine Art from the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Le Guo has had many solo and group exhibitions in the UK, Italy, the United States of America and China, and participated in
international art fairs such as the LA Art Show, Los Angeles (2019), The Salon Art and Design Art Fair, New York (2017), PAD, London (2016), Art 15, London (2015), Frieze, London (2015) and Art Miami, Florida (2015).

Jonathan Roson ( www.jonathanroson.com) is an Australian artist living and working in London. Born in Sydney, he graduated with a Bachelor of Horticultural Science from Western Sydney University in 2002 and a Master of Fine Arts at UNSW Art and Design in 2007. Roson’s recent sculptures and installations explore the artistic cultures of East Asia and the Pacific Ocean. He has exhibited in Australia, Canada, Portugal and the UK.

Stephen Baycroft (https://baycroftpublishing.wixsite.com/baycroft) is a writer and exhibition curator based in London. Recent books by him include On Sublimity and Synaesthesia (2013), Balancing Different Ways of Seeing and the Art of Le Guo (2016) and Reimagining Somewhere and Nowhere (2019).


Jonathan Roson, Le Guo