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Royal Society of Sculptors, 108 Old Brompton Road, London SW7 3RA

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Preview 12 June, 11am - 5pm

“Confined to our homes, our neighbourhoods, our nations, we have developed a hunger not only for new spaces, but also for new objects through which space – both physical and psychological, familiar and unfamiliar – might be newly articulated. This is one of the great promises of sculpture, and one that this exhibition keeps”.

- On Space Lapse, Tom Morton

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The Royal College of Art’s MA Sculpture class of 2020 invites you to Space Lapse - the latent physical showcase of their graduate study - to be held at the Royal Society of Sculptors this June 2021.

A graduate exhibition is a space where multiple sites of knowledge production collide: artist studio; workshop; library; archive, etc. It is a space where years of diligent study are miraculously and alchemically distilled, and then cast into a purifed output. In this way, each practice fnds its own, unique form that although disparate in its multitude of mediums and concerns - whose diversity this exhibition celebrates - becomes unifed through a foundational demand for space, audience and a subsequent physical encounter. This unparalleled rite of passage was curtailed for the class of 2020. However, this cohort resisted limbo and strode forward with their practices: they embraced novel restraints; navigated the choppy, disembodying waters of online learning, and charted new territory via RCA2020 (an online platform that showcased their work). Notwithstanding, a fundamental demand for space remained, that now, a year after the fact, is answered here in Space Lapse.

Exhibiting Artists: Ellie Antoniou, Solanne Bernard, Abigail Burt, Daniel Carnevale, Tere Chad, Sasha Cherkasova, Lina Choi, Arthur Cohen, Oliver Collins, Romane Courdacher, Marc-Aurèle Debut, Simone Eisele, Tamir Erlich, Michael Forbes, Sophie Kemp, Dolly Kershaw, Nuka Nayu, Huiyi Li, Julie Maurin, Flore Mycek, Jakob Rava, Laura Robertson, Eva Roovers, Katharina Siegel, Sean Tseng, Alejandro Villa Durán, Sara Wu, Nanzhen Yang, Opper Zaman, Yixin Zhang

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