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Third Thursday Event

Sculpting the goddess

6.30 - 9pm
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Royal Society of Sculptors, Dora House, 108 Old Brompton Road, London SW7 3RA

London Drawing Group are back!

From the Venus of Hohle Fels to the Seated Woman of Catal Hoyuk, the Snake Goddesses of Minoan Crete or the Venus of Lespugue, the female body in the Ancient World was celebrated in all its forms; voluptuous, athletic, fertile, childbearing and sexual.

Join us for a fun and creative evening where you'll be learning about the fascinating histories of some of the most iconic figurines ever created, and creating your own ‘icons’ in natural clay.

Throughout the first part of this session you will learn about when and where these figurines were originally excavated, the theories and debates that rage about them, as well as about how they were created and why. You will have the opportunity to handle plaster replicas of the original palaeolithic artefacts, offering a direct and incredible insight into the world of our palaeolithic ancestors, the first known creators of sculpture. 

Working from museum-quality imagery, students will then work from the very forms, shapes and figures of our Paleolithic and Neolithic ancestors, using natural terra-cotta clay and tools. Under the guidance of tutor Luisa-Maria MacCormack, you will be guided in basic clay working techniques, creating your own selection of icons from start to finish!

Suitable for everyone, from total beginners to practicing artists, the act of creating with natural clay is a raw, intuitive and intrinsically creative experience that is accessible to absolutely all levels!

All materials are provided, just bring a Tupperware in which to take your figurine home.

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