What's On


12noon - 6pm, Tuesdays to Sundays

Bloc Projects, 71 Eyre Lane, Sheffield S1 4RB

Four women artists celebrate and decry boundaries through multidimensional explorations of time, space and materiality. Postponed from March 2020, this show continues to try and make sense of our ever-changing worlds.  

In Aber, Deborah Lee looks at coastlines, estuaries and harbours as safe havens, but where the boundaries ebb and flow. Myfanwy Williams also records the changing and political landscapes in Boundaries, revealing that, as the natural, beneficial boundaries of the world are shrinking, those of the harmful are expanding. Clee Claire Lee’s woven tangled web, Preys, tries to make sense of the invisible personal and political forces that violate our freedom to manage our own boundaries. And Katie Jamieson, in tracing the lines of impermanence, seeks both balance and disruption through exploration of space, memory and fragility. 

Due to Covid restrictions, we encourage you to book a time-slot if you can, via the link, in advance of your visit.  Please also check the link for updates regarding potential events and/or lockdown changes to the plan.