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Layered Memories of Conflict and Abandonment

9am - 6pm Monday - Friday

The Foundry - a place for change, 17 Oval Way, Vauxhall, London SE11 5RR


The work made by Alison Lochhead reflects upon the memory of actions and experiences of people over time. The earth retains the marks made by humans and the memory of their presence and the injustices inflicted.  War and conflicts have been going on since the beginning of humanity; but why? No war has resolved a problem.

This exhibition explores various elements of consequences of war, conflict and oppression and the enormous courage that people have in fleeing their homelands in dire circumstances. To leave everything that is dear to you and under-take a journey of unimaginable uncertainties and fear, risking yourself as well as your children’s lives; because you have no choice but to try for survival; is extraordinary. When people get into the boats they have no idea what may happen or what their future may be. I put pieces in the kiln and have no idea what will emerge. I have no idea what it must be like getting into those boats.

The exhibition is made up of wall pieces as well as sculptures made from clay, slate, glass and iron; representing the boats full of people trying to gain safety. There are over 65 million people fleeing from their homes worldwide as it is not safe enough to stay. People have been moving across our earth for forever; whether to find a kinder place to live, or because where they live is too unsafe because of conflict or because they are enslaved; or simply cannot make a living for themselves and their community. This sadly continues today. 

Wars are fought on the decision of those in power or seeking power and using the rest of the population to bear the brunt of those decisions. Why do we continue to think we can solve our differences through violence and conflict?

Open Evening July 10th 6 - 8pm  ALL WELCOME