7 - 9pm


Royal Society of Sculptors, 108 Old Brompton Road, Dora House, London SW7 3RA

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£35 (10% donation)


Sharpen your pencils and your claws, and come join our pack! At this class we will be drawing our favourite family of British Lupine wolf-dogs. This stunning hybrid species have real wolves in their bloodline, and are dead ringers for their wild relatives. They howl at the moon and live in a pack, but are gorgeously tame and friendly. Our pack also happen to be quite the celebrities, having starred in photoshoots, TV shows and films- try to act cool when you meet them though, yeah?

Hosting the session will be animal-obsessed illustrator Laura Cuppage, who will guide you through the process of drawing wolf-dogs from life. She will provide her top tips on drawing moving models, and will be all ears for any questions you have. We will also be joined by “head wolf” Natalie Langstrom, who will share the extensive knowledge of these animals she’s gathered over her many years working as a canine behavioural expert. Natalie is a fierce advocate for wild wolves and will give an insight into the species and their conservation.