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Royal Society of Sculptors, 108 Old Brompton Road, Dora House, London SW7 3RA

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Throughout history, human beings have been both fascinated and fearful of owls. They play a prominent role in folklore across the globe and are usually regarded as harbingers of bad tidings and doom. In early Rome it was believed that witches could transform in to the form of owls in order to such the blood of babies, while here in Britain in the middle ages their nocturnal habit was seen as proof that they rejected Christ and were in cahoots with the devil. Yikes! It’s not all bad news though- the Native American Hopis people believed that great horned owls were lucky, and helped their peaches grow!

This October, join Wild Life Drawing at Dora House to separate the fact from the fiction about this species group at a very special class drawing Mythical Owls. We will meet a spooky Spectacled Owl and learn about this species’ role in South and Central American folklore. Also on the bill, a very rare and very beautiful black Barn Owl! This unusual colouring is the result of a genetic mutation which we’re sure got many the medieval villager’s feathers in a flap! Finally we will meet a stunning Great Grey Owl. These skilful predators are also known as Spectral Owls because of their silent flight and ghostly appearance. 

The class will be taught by artist Jennie Webber who will guide you through the process of drawing from life. On hand to provide plenty of real life info about owls, we will have expert falconer Paul, who will introduce each of our fine feathered models in turn. No prior art experience is needed to join the session- whether you’re a dab hand or an absolute beginner we are confident that with a bit of creative guidance we will have to sketching away in no time. We will provide a range of art materials, paper and drawing boards for you to use, so no need to bring anything along, but if you have some trusty favourites that you enjoy using you’re welcome to bring them. 

Animal welfare is at the heart of everything we do at Wild Life Drawing. We are a small team of animal lovers who are dedicated to conservation, and we strive to make each of our classes a positive experience for the animals we draw. We only ever work with the finest handlers who treat their animals with respect and care, and healthy animals that are happy being around humans. The handler who is bringing along these owls is highly skilled and has worked with birds of prey for many years. He is involved with several breeding programmes to conserve endangered species, and regularly rescues and rehabilitates wild birds. 10% of profits will be donated to The Barn Owl Trust