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Victoria Ferrand Scott MRSS

Victoria Ferrand Scott is a Yorkshire based abstract sculptor working mainly in materials of fluid origin such as concrete, plaster and bronze.
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01937 832799
Yorkshire and the Humber

Since achieving a first class BA Hons in Sculpture in 2002 followed by an MA in Fine Art (2004) Victoria Ferrand Scott has pursued an exploratory practice. Recently she has been funded by the Leverhulme Trust to work in the Civil Engineering Department at the University of Leeds experimenting with the use of flexible forming for casting concrete. Her innovative process brings out the potential sensuality of what is normally considered a very masculine and rugged material by pouring a smooth mix into tailored suspended moulds constructed from latex and stretchy fabrics. The resulting forms are abstract but bulge with an organic, almost visceral life.

‘Sculptural practice is akin to alchemy. The artist brings together material and process to engage in a journey; the final piece revealing both the sum of the path and future possibility’

-Victoria Ferrand Scott.