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Tom Stogdon MRSS

Tom Stogdon is a London based sculptor who works in stone, metals and other materials.
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Architectural / Monumental / Relief
Installation / Land / Site-specific
Found Objects
Mixed media
South East

I was born into a fourth generation of greengrocers in Bloomsbury and worked in the fruit trade until 1998.My first sculptures were elaborate pieces using the fruit I was brought up with – tables, chairs, people and abstract shapes, comprising of many smaller pieces. Elements of this still have significance in my work today. The pieces I make vary in size and stature, but each is made up of many smaller component parts, which are in turn wrestled into a larger containing space.

I am particularly interested in the natural influences of water and time on materials and an important part of my practice is the accelerating of this abrasive process.

Repetition and movement are important elements and I always hope to achieve a strong sense of calm.

In my practice I work with stone, metal, and when I have the opportunity, plants, if there is no need for longevity.