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Tim SR (Sandys-Renton) MRSS

Tim SR lives and works in Chichester, on the south coast. He constructs figurative elements in welded steel or copper, heads being a recurring motif. These are often combined with abstract shapes in different materials.
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Metal (other)
Mixed media
South East

Tim SR's sculpture practice has a particular focus on welded steel or copper. He combines figurative forms (usually heads in metal) combined with other objects, sometimes made, other times found, but usually with an abstract or drawn quality. Whereas the heads are crafted, indexical marks showing how each unique element has been carefully manipulated and modelled at high temperatures using Oxy-Acetylene welding, the arrangements are spontaneous and sometimes provisional. Certain themes like mythology, gravity, hollowness, and fragmentation seem to reoccur, whereas recent ideas of collars and pinstriped clothing are still relatively new. Works will often actively engage with the gallery space.
Tim is senior lecturer in Fine Art sculpture at the University of Chichester.