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Steven Hunter has for over 18 years worked on and off in the film industry. During this period he has also worked on a number of public commissions of his own and been the sculptor behind a number of the UK's leading contemporary artists. This has led to the development of his own ideas and projects which are taken from the classic Greek tragedies.
Steven has been HOD (Head of Dept) on a number of blockbuster movies including Jungle Book , Jurassic World 3, The Old Guard , Life of Pi and Tombraider. Working in clay and polystyrene, Steven has created anything from small cherubs and architectural mouldings to 40 foot Egyptian Pharaohs.
From the artist's concept ideas he has also created works for world renowned artist Raqib Shaw, (Narcissus original maquette, sold at auction for £600,000), Jason Brooks (Cherry truckers), and Joe Black (Everyman Blue).
In 2009 Steven was commissioned by Barking and Dagenham Council to sculpt the statue of Job Henry Charles Drain VC. The statue now stands outside the Broadway theater over looking Abbey Park.
Steven works mainly from his studio in Woolwich and is now trying to produce his own work whilst still taking on private and commercial commissions.