Our Sculptors

Stathis Dimitriadis MRSS

My ceramic assemblages question the way we communicate with our environment and the way we organise thoughts and memories. Sometimes are frantic, colourful and textured; sometimes simple, organised and banal. They remain ‘imperfect’ and ‘unfinished’ like their maker.
Found Objects
Yorkshire and the Humber
My drive for making art is my curiosity for the daily stimuli of the urban texture. Everyday images of constructions, grids, flows of people and objects are feeding into my assemblages. I dive into this treasure box continuously observing, choosing, making and connecting in an attempt to reveal new meanings and prepare the ground for future epiphanies.

I make ceramic elements using repetitive processes of throwing, hand-building or breaking. Through the discipline and routine of individual repetitive tasks, accidents of unusual and unexpected occur, escaping through the temporary lapse of rationale and control. These momentary flights to freedom bring uniqueness to the elements, which is recognisable when they become a part of a whole. As a builder that uses whatever material is at hand, I join these elements along with found or discarded objects to make assemblages which I would like to think of as something bigger than a sum of parts. Similar to life, which is not just a compilation of individual events; it takes full meaning only when seen as a whole.