Found Objects

Mixed media








Much of my art practice re-imagines the realm of being human. Through an autobiographical lens I explore and devise systems and structures that are highly symbolic, interpreting memory, psychology and my own emotional lived experience.

Early work focused on re-working dreamscapes on inter-generational trauma. Masters and then doctoral research enabled a deeper investigation into psychoanalytic aspects underpinning themes on the ‘self’. Over time my practice has expanded alongside the introduction of the common housefly bound paradoxically as a motif for the amalgam of mother/ ‘self’/fly, exploring complex psychologies across a range of conceptual expressions.

I have exhibited broadly, seeking to open-up the ‘conversation’ on a mutable ‘self’. During residencies at the Migration Museum, (The Lying-in Room), Adelaide, the Australian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne; and the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR), London, I introduced a semi-performative approach, through workshops and presentations, stimulating a desire to extend my practice into broader collaborative projects.

Alongside studio work, I relate important social themes on life, loss, and a developing sense of 'self' through an alphabetized library of small uniform books, imagined as surreal ‘coded’ narratives that work in series of 13 and 26, adapting these specific numbers to the theme of re-imagining.