Our Sculptors

Simon Hitchens FRSS

My studio practice underpins everything, and informs my public commissions which have an acute awareness of the specifics of place. In both realms I am fascinated by the difference between the human and the non-human – what passes and what outlasts.
Contact telephone
simon@simonhitchens.com / 07941 650 164
Installation / Land / Site-specific
Metal (other)
South West

My sculptures subtly investigate the essence of the things we perceive: the physical world, nature and our place within it. I am fascinated by rock: historically as a medium to make sculpture, physically as the very earth that supports us and geologically as the almost ageless constant that resonates through time, giving perspective to our lives on this planet.

I am interested in what position it holds in our psyche: rock is not alive, nor is it dead, it doesn’t breathe or get old - it just is. By casting it, mapping it, drawing it, painting it, copying it, filming it, climbing it, tasting it, I aim to understand further what it is to be alive.

Rock is the material backbone for my work and the conceptual focus within it. I choose not to carve rock but to work with its quarried or natural state. Typically, I isolate a section of the physical world and present that with its alter ego, making work that is both about presence and absence.

My work attempts to strike a balance between contemporary art and the sublime beauty of the natural world.