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Seamus Moran MRSS

Seamus Moran is a Cornwall based sculptor working in a variety of media with a preference for mould-making and casting.
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Mixed media
South West

I like to work with combinations of seemingly incompatible ideas and forms to produce my sculptures. Inspired by childhood memories of museum visits, fossils and armour, and my industry background in mould-making I aim to produce work that is convincing & meticulously constructed. For many years I have worked by casting knots salvaged from dead trees and turning them into complex organic abstracts. Whilst I still use this method some of my recent work has focused on more figurative themes, often with a strong social comment. I use a lot of widely different materials and construction methods often having to learn completely new techniques and skills. Very different in some ways to my previous body of work, but retaining the realism and the feeling that these pieces could be museum exhibits from a parallel universe. My objective is to give body to my own insights on the human condition through these dark, slightly humorous sculptures, introducing questionable values by the rethinking of familiar objects.