Mixed media




Artist statement

Sato Sugamoto's works express the diversity of human thoughts and emotions. Through her art, she attempts to visualize the terrain of our minds.

She became interested in divergent human thoughts as a result of the lack of diversity in Japanese society. Since childhood, she has felt the intense pressure to conform to social norms and expectations within her native Tokyo. Her art, as a result, is an effort to represent narratives and experiences — both her own and others — at the edges of Japanese society. 

The numerous strings in her works entangle in complex configurations, evoking neurological circuits. Fiber mediums allow her to showcase the duality of our conscious lives and subconscious impulses, and the ways in which our thoughts layer and intertwine. Through her art, she gives form to the impulses, values and decisions that shape our minds.


Selected Permanent Collections  

2022 Malleability, Kitanomaru Square, Tokyo, Japan

2020 Meditation, Toranomon Hills Business Tower, Tokyo, Japan

2019 Double Dreams (saturation / inversion) , BnA Alter Museum, Kyoto, Japan

2019 Cross Borders, Hotel Bellclassic Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Selected Solo Exhibitions 

2023 Challenge The Binary, Nihonbashi N11 Gallery ,Tokyo, Japan​

2019 SATO SUGAMOTO solo exhibition, Orie Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 

Selected Group Exhibitions  

2024 Open Studios, Kindred Studios gallery, London UK and talk Mesmerising Fiber Sculptures 8 June 24

2024 A SEAT AT MY TABLE, Kindred Studios gallery, London, UK

2023 'Forging / Foraging', NARS Foundation, Brooklyn, New York 

2023 Exhibition: "Art University Myth - GEISHIN" Second Half,  Geidai Art Plaza, Tokyo, Japan

2023 THE MIND ROAMS ABSTRACTION FOR A NEW AGE, St Joseph's University, Brooklyn, New York 

2022 Still and Movement by C-Depot, YUKIKOMIZUTANI GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan

2022 ADJUSTED for Inflation, Kunstraum LLC, Brooklyn, New York 


2013 BFA, Tokyo University of the Arts Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Design, Tokyo, Japan

2008-2009 Tama Art University Faculty of Art and Design, Graphic Design Department, Tokyo, Japan

2017 Completed 1 year of professional hat making course at Salon de Chapeau Academy,Tokyo, Japan