Installation / Land / Site-specific



Found Objects

Mixed media





South East


Raised in the UK surrounded by a large Indian community, Saroj has always been drawn to the aesthetics and ritualistic elements of traditional ceremonies. Her practice is an opportunity to connect with these visceral aspects of her heritage and explore the joys and challenges of growing up as a woman between cultures. 

Repetition and layering play a central role in her sculptures, mirroring natural forms found in the plant and animal worlds. The recurrent forms and vibrant tones are evocative of many elements seen in nature, such as biodiversity, symbiosis and mutation. The works suggest that these diverse aspects of the natural world could inspire humans to collaborate more harmoniously and create more flexible divides.

She draws on the ritualistic practices and cultural traditions that have long influenced her. While her sculptures are celebratory of Indian culture, they are also a way to address her own relationship with her upbringing. Saroj's optimistic works attempt to find an empowered space that can encompass all aspects of her life. She creates art as a way of holding all elements of herself and bringing together seemingly conflicting views. 

She is also interested in the nature of reality and the way in which humans experience the world. Inspired by Indian astrology and notions of space, time and consciousness, she examine how interrelated events, human relationships and physical objects constitute reality. She sees her practice as having a spiritual aspect to it, finding means of connection between people, animals and the environment. 

Saroj Patel was born in Preston, England. She graduated from Central St Martins, London, with an MA in Fine Art in 2019. Recent exhibitions include ‘Observational Realities’ (2022) at Clifford Chance, London, which was part of her 2020 win of the Clifford Chance Sculpture Prize; and ‘Materialisation of the New’ (2020), a group exhibition at Darl-e and the Bear in Oxfordshire. In 2022, Saroj took part in Tate Lates’ panel discussion ‘She Made Me Do It’, exploring how women artists shape their practices and was shortlisted by PONY and The Natural History Consortium for a public art commission in Bristol. In 2019, she took part in Art Night, Hix Art, and Participatory Workshops at Tate Exchange. The same year, she was a finalist in the Hix Award, shortlisted for the Tiffany & Co x Outset Studiomakers Prize and won the Tension Fine Art Gallery Prize.