Our Sculptors

Sadie Brockbank MRSS

Sadie Brockbank is a Reading based Sculptor working figuratively with animal/human imagery in a narrative mythical style.
Figurative / Realism
Mixed media
South West

I studied Fine Art at Falmouth School of Art and graduated with honours in 1987.

I make figurative sculptures, in a variety of media, which explore themes of cooperation, journey and the celebration of the imagination. Our relationship and influence upon the natural world is another key area of interest for me.

I draw much inspiration from ancient art, and am particularly intrigued by the continuing relevance of the combined human/animal figure. I feel it has the power to 'confuse the logical mind', thus opening a question about the symbolic language of a piece. My work has been described as 'other-worldly' and as being 'full of the Spirit of the Animals'.

I have exhibited widely in the South of England, including the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition.