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Roger Stephens MRSS

My work is mainly in stone, from soft alabaster through to hard granite with some pieces in bronze and occasionally incorporating found objects.
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Architectural / Monumental / Relief
South West

I have always carved stone, at school and then as a stonemason at Salisbury Cathedral.
The enormous range of this elemental and abundant resource has captivated and intrigued me and to create sculpture from this hard material is always a challenge. But it is the physical effort demanded of this medium that is fundamental to my work as I carve through the chosen block to its conclusion. The starting point of my work comes from diverse points; natural forms, industry, politics, religion, science and music.
Increasingly I have become concerned what impact outside agencies and influences have on our world and its people, how we are moulded by the result of decisions that are way beyond our control. Also, the threat of climate change and the decisions made by governments and multi-nationals that affect us and the environment.
All these aspects are behind my work, but wherever the idea springs from, I endeavour to produce a piece that is elegant, tactile and true to the original idea.

I have had awards from the Onyx Environmental Trust
Salisbury Civic Society, Lady Radnor Prize
Prizewinner, Millfield Open Summer Show, Atkinson Gallery
Prizewinner, Wiltshire Open Exhibition, Salisbury