Installation / Land / Site-specific







South East


.After several decades making public art since around 2016, I am now concentrating entirely on new studio based sculptures for exhibition, sale and commissions. I was a recent recipient of  FPS (Free Painters and Sculptors) top (Roy Rasmussen) award. I am developing links with a university in Brussels that I hope will lead to a deeper understanding of the underlying nature of matter and will lead me to the LHC, (Large Hadron Collider) in Cern. Using steel with its molecular roots in ores over 1.8 billion years old I am continually astonished how such an ordinary material can be such an endless source of inspiration and potential and also respond so naturally to revealing itself through manipulation into sculpture.

Understanding and statements, change as I realise more and more about what I am doing and I think at the moment Feb 2019 I am creating 'happenings', small scale 'incidents',  between  components; (bundles/molecules/spaces and holes) that I make in an intuitive and free-form process. I use heat, electricity and gravity (alongside over thirty years of experience) to shape and give flow to the material and explore the possible relationships and dynamics between the parts. Through transforming steel into sculptures; I effectively bring it to life, 'animate' it out of its primordial sleep and into the light of day. 

The beautiful thing about making these 'interactions'  is that it is a way of going beyond description into  metaphors expressing movement, flow and change.