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Richard Farrington MRSS

Unbroken chain of practice since before 1984. Was involved in public art till circa 2010 and am now developing my own work again for private sales and exhibition making sculptures in bronze and steel
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South East

My work forms an unbroken chain since 1984 that has involved me in large scale public art commissions as well as exhibitions of my own work. I have been in my studio for nearly thirty years and am still developing the space both as a workshop and more recently as a showroom for potential collectors. I am inspired currently by Aldous Huxley's idea that we can explore the antipodes of the Mind at Large and as creators; return with the flora and fauna that grow there. I am currently (May 2017) both an explorer and maker of sculpture that touches on this kind of thinking often using both stainless and mild steel and bronze, constantly attempting to find better forms of expression through what I make. Inspiration comes from the flow of the work itself as well as the tools I use; particle physics and something about tai-chi among other things like the weather and music.
To keep the inspiration flowing and to help me stay fit and carry on with this demanding material I ride bikes in the local woods and cherish trips to more mountainous regions where I ride downhill as fast as I can.