Architectural / Monumental / Relief



Metal (other)




By formation, inclination and ability, I am focusing a great measure of my creative effort to re-kindle the natural relationship between sculpture and architecture on large site specific commissions.

From the Neolithic to Noguchi’s gardens, monumental presence confronts and create dialogue in the public realm. It interacts with the community and contributes to our concept of individuality before to define then our collective memories.

As a Frenchman living in Hong Kong, grandson of a Spaniard refugee, father of an Italian son, and married to an English woman, I am fascinated about memories and the principle of identities; the way they’ve been built, the way they function and the place they occupy in our intent to regenerate the public agora in our cities today.

As such, I am developing a new formal languages of the sculptural perception sometimes borrowed from our contemporary digital distorted world, using a combination of engineering calculations, traditional carving techniques and robotic experimentations.

In fact, my sculptures are actually constructs and assemblages of essential geometric signs, shapes and volumes designing complex figures. And they try to resolve each time an impossible equation in between its space, its time and the people who will live with it.

Eventually, my research and intent in merging the sculpture into its destination will become a new landscape, an art form where we the people will finally dismiss the possession of the art to simply become part of it.