Our Sculptors

Philomena Davidson PPRSS

Philomena enjoys the creative process and its application in the wider public realm.
Architectural / Monumental / Relief
Figurative / Realism
South East

Philomena comes from a family background of music, dance, theatre and film. Her work stems from the figurative but in recent years has become more surreal. She is intrigued by changes produced within ‘the self’ by external influences, whether physical or environmental, strong enough to initiate dramatic events, for example tornadoes, volcanoes, earthquakes, and floods. She has hands-on experience of all the plastic arts, from the most traditional to those that utilize the latest technological processes.Whilst establishing her own bronze foundry, she was also involved in the film industry and world of animatronics, robotics and digital animation, working on films such as Aliens and Little Shop of Horrors. She is currently exploring colour composition within her work as well as the application of new materials.