Figurative / Realism

Installation / Land / Site-specific




Metal (other)



South East


Born and trained in London, Peter M Clarke now practises in Kent where he specialises mainly in copper and steel.  Surrounded by flora and fauna, he takes inspiration from nature for symbolism and form, and many of the textures introduced into his work are derived from organic surfaces of stem, leaf or bark.

Peter M Clarke is noted for his ‘Organic Forms’ series.  Comprised of imaginative, futuristic heads on spiralling copper stems, they are finely engineered for gentle movement. 
Other work includes the seed pod as time capsule, its function being to facilitate the perpetuation of life, and leaf forms and the part that they play in sustaining life by regulating gases and water in the atmosphere.

Peter’s sculptures have been collected by enthusiasts in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.  Exhibited extensively throughout the British mainland and in Guernsey, they have been featured on BBC and commercial television, and in numerous magazines and colour supplements.

“Through sculpture, I explore the relationship between us and nature, our earth, our universe.”