Our Sculptors

Pauline Antram MRSS

Pauline Antram is a London based artist, working mainly in clay, concrete, stone, and metal. With over forty years experience she has expert knowledge of a variety of artistic techniques. Her initial ideas dictate the materials she uses.
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Architectural / Monumental / Relief
Figurative / Realism
Mixed media

I trained as a sculptor at the Royal Academy; since then my practice ebbs and flows not only between mediums but also between dimensions. I regularly work on more than one piece at a time and am often working simultaneously between mediums. I work in relief, producing wall panels in papier-mâché. I love the monumentality of stone and the fragility of wax and paper.

I use the human form as the central theme to ‘hang’ my own experiences on and draw inspiration from the natural world, life events, philosophies, theology, and human psychology. I am driven to create in response to the passion of human struggle: connection, communication, birth, and death.

At present, I am exploring human transition, evolution, and reincarnation.