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Olive Wootton MRSS

Living and worki in rural Northamptonshire, I specialise in undertaking commissions to enhance private gardens. I also do portraiture and animal sculptures.
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Figurative / Realism
East Midlands

I trained at Goldsmith’s College and then at the Royal College of Art sculpture school.  I then moved to Northamptonshire where I continued to work and bring up a family with my husband.  Sadly, my husband died in 1984.  I shared an exhibition in 1985 and since then I have exhibited with a number of galleries and societies, in particular with the Goldmark Gallery in Uppingham.  My most recent solo exhibition, the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, was held there with considerable success.  I have on occasion had work shown at the summer exhibition -  again very successfully.

I describe my work as being illustrative figurative.  I am inspired by the natural world, by its beauty and power.  In my mythological sculpture, I depict the drama, e.g Icarus falling out of control, Daphne changing into a laurel, or the Minotaur in his distress.  I have also made life-size portraits of people with their favourite animal.  I love the greyhound as a subject and was commissioned to do a running depiction of Westmead Hawk on the two consecutive occasions he was winner of the greyhound derby.

Rodin and Epstein are my heroes for their humanity.