Our Sculptors

Michael Fairfax MRSS

I am a sculptor, environmental artist, sound artist. I live in the deepest rural Somerset surrounded by trees, woods, valleys, rivers, owls, ravens and much more more. This is the driving motivation that touches my creativity, an essence of sensitivity to the violence and beauty of nature and my surrounding.
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Architectural / Monumental / Relief
Digital / Light / Sound
Installation / Land / Site-specific
Found Objects
South West

After leaving art college in 1980 I have made my living as an artist, sculptor, public arts sound sculptor.  I have fulfilled commissions throughout the UK and abroad, Been on residencies in many different countries.  My main practice over those has been public art in cities, towns, villages and sculpture trails the halcyon days of public funding, born at the right time. As public art has lessened since the 2008 economic crash I have diversified, working with sound, creating instruments from live trees and roots, making instruments to play in the various bands I play in, sculptural instruments that are amplified and distorted.  I have recently been creating living sculptures, manipulating and grafting live trees around my surroundings exploring the nature in art.  As I grow older the desire to create is as strong as ever, and my palate of materials grows larger.