Marcia Bennett-Male is a London based sculptor formally trained as an architectural stone carver, letter cutter and stone mason.

Her chief focus is the depiction of food and all things related, often focusing on the disregarded and overlooked aspects of food and its preparation. Marcia’s stone carvings of food are often executed in a stone alien to the subject’s natural colour, she distorts, simplifies and amplifies lines and texture, letting the shape of the material dictate. Using scrap and recycling stone from buildings sites, skips and old carvings, she often keeps where possible elements of original moulding which adds another layer of history to her work. Marcia executes her carvings unapologetically small, and literally puts them on pedestals, elevating their status and displaying them like precious objects. Having long been interested in the history and the depiction of food on an aesthetic level, she has started to research the anthropological side to the subject.