Our Sculptors

Lucinda Burgess MRSS

Lucinda is based in London and Bath. Her three dimensional works have a strong sense of the material, they emphasise the infinite variety and constant change that are so characteristic of the natural world.
Architectural / Monumental / Relief
Installation / Land / Site-specific
South West

I emphasise transience and choose materials that are capable of dramatic visual transformation: wood, steel, paper, liquid, and glass. By putting them through the same process repeatedly, I highlight the infinite variety, unpredictability and lack of control that are so characteristic of the natural world. The use of repetition serves to underline the truth that there is no repetition in fact.
Through the use of a minimalist aesthetic, the greater simplicity, geometry, and uncomplicated display of materials allows the viewer to more easily appreciate change and difference at a subtle level.
In recent work the emphasis has shifted to the ever changing nature of direct experience, as opposed to the notion of a permanently existing art object. Thus circumstance and context become integral aspects of the work. The ‘same’ thing is repeated and placed in two different situations; a threshold and a wall. The changing context affects the way in which each is perceived and experienced so that it is not the same thing in fact.