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Lorraine Benton MRSS

Lorraine's abstract biomorphic forms are inspired by the natural environment and informed by her scientific and musical training. Her preferred media are stone, bronze and resin.
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The inspiration for much of my work stems from our own natural environment, and is further influenced by my scientific and musical training. Recurrent themes that result from this fusion often reference rhythm and mathematical patterns (such as the Fibonacci sequence), organic life-forms and the natural world whose basic four elements sustain life; earth, wind, fire and water.

The scale of the sculpture is an important aspect, as I feel a stronger connection with work whose physical dimensions exceed my own.  It is my intention to build a sense of communication between the structure and its audience, a form of dialogue on a corporeal level, where the form acts as a barrier to a place beyond; a dislocated and otherworldly space for the psyche to escape.