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North West


Lorna Green,  BA(Hons), M.Phil, is a sculptor and environmental artist based in Cheshire where she works on ideas but generally achieves her projects on the final site.

Her public art projects throughout the UK and widely overseas are in urban and rural landscapes, indoors and outdoors, permanent and temporary, are site specific and consider the history, mythology, ecology and economy of the area or project. She uses materials relevant to each project - stone, wood, steel, glass, spoil from construction projects, planting, paint as well as recycled materials usually sourced locally to the site where the sculpture will be. Her works can be interactive - for meeting at, sitting within, walking/cycling through, as landmarks or celebrations, in schools, parks, universities, hospitals, international symposia,  a road scheme, a housing development and a shopping centre. A recent  development in her work has been to work with a composer and has added video to skills.