Architectural / Monumental / Relief


Installation / Land / Site-specific


Found Objects


Mixed media





I am a London based artist and graduate from Central Saint Martins. My practice focuses on the optimization of space and the use of material through the specific construction of ideas I play with to create minimalist and straight forward compositions. My constructions reveal a memory, a current state or a hidden side of a place with the elements that surround it. In many cases, the place I construct my art is transformed like a mental space, offering to the viewer a large panel of interpretations.

London is an important source of inspiration to me: its dynamism and contrasts push me to intertwine the urban and natural universes. Therefore, I use construction work material to describe the snow, I collect used plastic straws to build sculptures that look like giant insects, I explore the shapes and colours of fallen leaves to extra their vitality. I often qualify my sculptures as ephemeral and infinite: the modular compositions made of salvaged materials I develop open to endless variations. 

This principle of modularity and collection of abandoned objects reflects a recurrent theme in my work questioning the notion of disappearance, transformation and regeneration.