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Karen Lyons MRSS

Karen Lyons makes sculpture and installations for commissions, permanent and temporary publicly sited work, commemorative and portrait sculpture and gallery exhibitions.
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Architectural / Monumental / Relief
Mixed media
North West

Figuration is a consistent pre-occupation; I use varying degrees of abstraction referencing the body either obliquely or more representationally. Commonly I use my own body as part of the making process itself: squeezing, pressing, imprinting, usually during a performance or series of performances.

Often there is a narrative reference; either autobiographical or involving mythological allegory invoking universal themes.
I delight in the properties and behaviours of the materials and processes I use. I work in a variety of media though modelling is consistent to my practice. Clay and plaster are favoured materials; yielding and malleable they readily adopt qualities and textures of the body.

I like the idea of contradictions and contrasts and play with these as part of the dynamic flavour in the works; structure and formlessness, permanence and transience, structure and fluidity. Traditional materials are combined with found objects and impermanent substances revealing an intuitive approach towards making.