Figurative / Realism

Installation / Land / Site-specific


Found Objects

Mixed media





Juliette Losq's work describes the borderlands at the edge of human habitation. Reclaimed by nature, these regions become spaces of speculation on what might have gone on before and what may be occurring out of sight.

Installation drawings form a key component of Losq’s practice. Losq experiments with shifts in scale, occasionally producing large room-sized installations, but also more domestically sized dioramas. In earlier works, the landscape evolves from the interior of repurposed items of furniture, blurring the boundaries between exterior and interior. More recent works explore the possibilities of physically immersing the viewer in drawn imagery, and thereby enabling them to experience the sensation of being in the fragile, mutable and fractured spaces represented.

Based on her own photographic documentation of marginal sites, Losq produces paper models inspired by historical optical devices such as the paper peepshow. A close examination of the peepshow and related objects forms a basis of an ongoing investigation into whether they might be used as a model for drawings that create a space and invite the viewer in to engage with this. Different iterations of the peepshow form are used as maquettes which are enlarged to become drawn installations. Though based on real places, these landscapes become fictional through their construction. Through this process of reconstruction and reinterpretation, Losq aims to preserve the ephemerality of the original sites, whilst developing an understanding of the paper model as a partially imagined, partially ‘real’, space that can transport the viewer conceptually from one space to another.