Our Sculptors

Juliette Bigley MRSS

Juliette is a sculptor working primarily in sheet metal. She lives and works in London.
Contact telephone
07779 005 751
Installation / Land / Site-specific
Metal (other)

I make objects to explore how we negotiate our physical and emotional place in the world. I use the relationship between space and form in 3D objects as a metaphor for how the intangible aspects of our existence – emotions, thoughts, beliefs, language and memory – interact with the physical aspects of our world to produce the environments that shape our lives, our behaviours and our identities.

I typically make hollow forms, in varying scales that mirror the body by either physically or metaphorically containing, to create one-off sculptures and installations of objects. I often work with groups of objects that can be arranged and rearranged and that communicate both through the forms themselves and through the spaces in between them.