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Jill Randall MRSS

Jill Randall is a north-west based sculptor making installations and site-specific works in metals and found objects, and has exhibited her work nationally and internationally in sculpture parks, museums and galleries.
Found Objects
Metal (other)
North West

Jill Randall’s practice includes sculpture commissions in landscape and urban settings, large-scale public art and collaborative projects, artists residencies in industry , and exhibitions in galleries. 3 public art projects have won national awards, including an RSA ‘Art for Architecture’ Award.

Randall makes abstract linear sculptures in steel and metals, incorporating found and recycled objects, and materials invested with history and narrative through their past use. Conceptually driven, the work uses sculpture to explore ideas about time through processes on material , and the reinvesting of lost and forgotten objects and places. Artists residencies in industry have characterised Randall’s recent practice, including a copper mine and a metal-processing factory, making work with post-industrial and ‘spoiled’ environments, often revealing the sublime and beautiful in bleak and unpromising places. Important sculpture commissions include Grizedale Forest and the Irwell Sculpture Trail. Jill Randall recently completed a research residency at Tate Britain.