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Jane Fox MRSS

Jane Fox studied sculpture at The Slade School of fine Art, UCL (1995-9) and the Royal College of Art (1999-2001). She has an additional degree in psychology (Cardiff 1982-5) and is a registered nurse, midwife and health visitor.
Explorations into mystery are the presiding forces within the work.
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Mixed media

Explorations into mystery are the presiding forces within the work over the decades - what lies beneath, inside invisible spaces; hidden activities and processes we can intuit or glimpse at. The use of colour is an odd juxtaposition: an over-exposure and perhaps a bringing-out into the light.

In 1995 Fox started to make sculpture with plaster. The plaster has often been combined with re-cycled and found objects. 

In recent years the use of particular materials has been questioned by Fox. Today there is an over-riding intention to use more 'waste-treasure' and to cultivate bio-degradable materials. Fox has been growing food since 2005 and is a keen fermenter making a variety of organic probiotics. In 2022 Fox is experimenting further with bacterial cultures and mycelium to explore possibilities for the development of sculptural materials and form. 

Since 1985 Fox has been a scuba diver and witnessed coral bleaching, massive depletion of fish, corals, sponges and other sea life. She works with a marine conservation group as a diver helping to remove rubbish and ghost fishing from the sea including lobster pots, rope, netting, plastic, metal and even a car and the kitchen sink.

The sculpture Keeping On (1999) was inspired by diving over coral ledges and forms in the sea. Fox first experienced vast coral bleaching whilst diving in the Persian Gulf in 1988, failing to understand at the time that these large white skeletal corals were dead.