Architectural / Monumental / Relief

Installation / Land / Site-specific





Mixed media


South West


Jacob van der Beugel’s work varies in scale, from a large all-encompassing ceramic room to more abstract relief sculptures. For some years focus has been on humanising data found in all areas of modern life. Starting with reinterpreting musical scores, to translating tumultuous periods of the FTSE 100 index and examining notions of identity through depicting DNA, the work embraces the notion that modern existence cannot be condensed into mere information. The work brings to light the humanity contained within this all pervasive data.

Ceramics has a fascinating ability to freeze gesture and the vestiges of process, and as a result human experience. It also has an inherently architectural and modular capacity. In conjunction these two aptitudes create a unique opportunity to explore modern existence and in particular information. Everyone has an intuitive relationship with clay; it is earthly, trustworthy, handled daily through tableware. There exists a well established historical interaction. This gives the medium extra potency and importance.

The North Sketch Sequence enabled an entire DNA space to be realised, where each clay component speaks about notions of identity, science, ancestry and inheritance. The overall effect transports the viewer into an immersive experience. The ceramic materiality of the room is a permanent reminder that data and technoscientific information is of this earth, it speaks of us.

Re-humanising information through an architectural and sculptural language, and engaging people with abstract technical developments is a vital driving force behind all new work.